About The Memorial Studios


 * Plan: North-facing

top-lit studios above shops, on a prominent flat-iron site in the center of commercial Hastings.

 * Intactness: Largely

unaltered upper floor exteriors and sufficient of the studio layout to

demonstrate its function.

* Rarity: Unusual and early survival of a once common

seaside facility, which in this case was purpose-built.

* Historical interest: Continuous well-documented use as

photographic studios which illustrates the development of the profession from

the mid-C19 to early C20 in the context of the seaside resort.

It is here that I uncovered the north facing window and am

continuing my trade as an artist with the best north light on the south coast. 

I hire the space out for exhibitions and photo  shoots, please contact me for more details 

The Memorial Studio is a rare survival. More than a thousand photographic portrait studios were established in the UK between 1839 and 1901. Fewer than two dozen are known to remain. Purpose built in 1864, The Memorial Studio was an attraction in Hastings for 54 years until 1918, then disappeared for 104 years. Among many other things it became storage for British Telecom, an insurance company office and a workshop making orthopedic supports.

In 2012, artist Beatrice Lacey took it over as her studio and removed the false ceiling that had long concealed the North skylight. 

To hire this unique Victorian natural light studio contact Beatrice https://laceyfineart.com/contact