Beatrice Lacey born 1957, is an English painter and photographer, 

Beatrice is also known for the wide variety of artistic drawing styles developed and explored around conceptual ideas and spatial and body relationships.

As a child Beatrice spent valuable early years with her father Edward Hill Lacey in his studio where she worked as a  model for his portraits .

The father-daughter relationship grew in  his studio where the two would look at the etchings of Goya and other artists  Edward died when Beatrice was only nine years old leaving her with only the memories of their close times drawing and listening to music in his studio.

Edward Lacey 1891 - 1967   was a traditional, academic Bradford Sculptor trained at the Slade in London 

When not in Hastings with her father Beatrice`s childhood  was spent  in South London with her mother and brothers in a flat in Electric Avenue Brixton, immersed in a colourful unconventional life of the old style London market place and petty criminals.

After having her first son Beatrice went on to study for a B A in  Fine Art at Goldsmiths in the 1980`s and then completed a  Masters at Canterbury UCL  once all her three children had left home .

Beatrice is currently makes art in her Home studio

“My inspiration stems from an interest in capturing the aesthetic qualities of form. To this end, my current images combine a contrast between body and spirit, offering the reminder that all formations of being are transient.”

Beatrice Lacey